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A Promise: CJ assault

This Diorama Is for Master Grade & SD Gundam Model Kits challenge 2010

CJ assault , a name which i decided to use since i customize , Shiba-i sazabi into Kamen rider W Cyclone Joker Scheme.

CJ – Cyclone Joker

assault – means that the CJ is attacking its enemy thus so called “assaulting”

Gundam-  Kamen rider W Cyclone Joker in the Movie : Movie taisen 2010 , have a dophant named Mammoth Dophant , thus i custom it , cyclone joker shibai sazabi and the mammoth gundam , thus making those two unbeatable. 

Ingredients Used:

Desert Yellow Tamiya Paint , Gundam Markers , Styrofoam , Clay (1kg) , Ryuuteikien

Gundams Used:

Shiba-i Sazabi Cyclone Joker , Mammoth Gundam , Blue Soldiers (battle Damaged + normal) ,  Burned Flag.

Front View.^^

Side View ^^

Closed Up View ^^

W.I.P , Pictures.

Thats it for now.  I have one more custom project and a diorama creation to make.

TOP SECRET; Any Infringement of rights will be dealt accordingly.


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