~evilgy's doll~

This Stop: Drilling


Drilling , Melting , Spray Painting!

Ya! , Finally , got up to this stage of gunpla stages.

<<<< This Is Spray Painting

Secretly went to get an acrylic paint from

the storeroom..  Didnt knew it works

<<< Melted both parts then within 3 second stick it together..

Planning to let is stick together then add some super glue to it

Weapon: Fang Strider

For Mods , Fang Joker

<< Well , Drill this..

Used Josstick to melt it the plastic as Zhi Sheng Said

Then i use again josstick to melt the inner part.

Use a screwdriver to drilled it.

The black thingy is the drilling..

Quite small though. cannot put the weapon inside

End of this stop.. Just a bit of update


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