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Snapit! , SD Majesty Gundam!


Hello people once again , i going to upload updates

during the last month and january

i’ve been busying with a few gundam for modification.

This includes , Shoshoko Gerbera , Cyclone Joker , Fang Joker and this Majesty Gundam!

Awesome!  Quite doing some moves on my New job , Heat Metal

using Red chrome sazabi , quite easy though..

No more talk get into real things!



BB Senshi Sangokuden Majesty Gundam!


The Headder! , the Chest! Totally !


The headder , those shiny things! Made from glitter!


Awesome Sword! Black in the inner parts , Gold on the dragon!

Effect part , too! , Coloured the effect part of the dragon to give a perfect resolution!

Alright , here all the things that the majesty had!

Next stop : Her Majesty Gundam!


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  1. * turbytoddler says:

    Very nice Ryuubi there! The colour scheme is awesome. The glitter on the V-Fin is cool, but it doesn’t really match the clear effect parts.
    Anyway, great job there! I am starting to have plans for my Emperor Ryuubi as well. ^^

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 4 months ago

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