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Gosh ! Look at those Gundams!




Hello everybody!

Updating on my diorama for this few day.

Use gliter.. and paint and paint..

Lesser paint now.

Need new one.. Anyhow here some picture to show!


Mammoth “dopant” for Cyclone Joker and Fang Joker Diorama


                                                                               Emperor Ryuubi and Shoshoko Ready for The assault fleet diorama

                                                                              Effect for the both diorama , glitter are used*


Cyclone Joker!


Fang Joker!


Got lots to share actually..

But err , wordpress uploading kinda complicating.. need to get used hor..

So the next post got somethin happened on the glitter!


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  1. * Andrew says:

    Andrew here,Finally some gunpla updates on ur blog.I like ur Cyclone Joker and Fang Joker,change ur Fang Joker’s eyes sticker on painting meta-red(like ur CJ)Will be look more better.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 4 months ago

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