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BMKWC Entry #1 – X15D Fang Joker X Never God Gundam! X15D牙ジョーカーは、Xガンダム神は絶対!

This “Project” had started from the starting of June , before BMKWC was introduced , somehow , i thought that i might want to make 4 entries (that a lot! ) within 5 months =x , In about late June , BMKWC was introduced , this is great chance eh? And a Coincidence , that the day i started making the diorama after planning .

It shall Be Named : X15D Fang Joker X Never God Gundam 

X15D – A Number

Fang Joker – Kamen Rider W Forms

Never – the organisation in Kamen rider W A to Z Gaia Memory of Fate.

God Gundam

Anyhow , Pictures might be uploaded soon =)


A Promise: CJ assault

This Diorama Is for Master Grade & SD Gundam Model Kits challenge 2010

CJ assault , a name which i decided to use since i customize , Shiba-i sazabi into Kamen rider W Cyclone Joker Scheme.

CJ – Cyclone Joker

assault – means that the CJ is attacking its enemy thus so called “assaulting”

Gundam-  Kamen rider W Cyclone Joker in the Movie : Movie taisen 2010 , have a dophant named Mammoth Dophant , thus i custom it , cyclone joker shibai sazabi and the mammoth gundam , thus making those two unbeatable. 

Ingredients Used:

Desert Yellow Tamiya Paint , Gundam Markers , Styrofoam , Clay (1kg) , Ryuuteikien

Gundams Used:

Shiba-i Sazabi Cyclone Joker , Mammoth Gundam , Blue Soldiers (battle Damaged + normal) ,  Burned Flag.

Front View.^^

Side View ^^

Closed Up View ^^

W.I.P , Pictures.

Thats it for now.  I have one more custom project and a diorama creation to make.

TOP SECRET; Any Infringement of rights will be dealt accordingly.

Special:Art of Shoes..

I was told by my art teacher before march holiday to modified a side of a shoes ..

So i did it ..

and here is my result!

Left: Modified          Right: Normal

Left: Normal Right Modified

Left: Normal Right Modified

Top : Modified  Bottom: Normal

Left: Modified          Right: Normal

Left: Modified          Right: Normal

Left: Modified          Right: Normal

Well well well..

This Done.. BUT GUNPLA NOT DONE>..< How.. No time..


This Stop: Drilling


Drilling , Melting , Spray Painting!

Ya! , Finally , got up to this stage of gunpla stages.

<<<< This Is Spray Painting

Secretly went to get an acrylic paint from

the storeroom..  Didnt knew it works

<<< Melted both parts then within 3 second stick it together..

Planning to let is stick together then add some super glue to it

Weapon: Fang Strider

For Mods , Fang Joker

<< Well , Drill this..

Used Josstick to melt it the plastic as Zhi Sheng Said

Then i use again josstick to melt the inner part.

Use a screwdriver to drilled it.

The black thingy is the drilling..

Quite small though. cannot put the weapon inside

End of this stop.. Just a bit of update

This Stop: HG00 1/144 00Gundam Seven Sword/G

These picture are from http://www.toy-world.com.hk/forum/viewthread.php?tid=22733&extra=page%3D1

No Infringment Intended. Just for Showcasing.


Totally Nice. Those transparenty parts… OMG….  In Sg BHG , having sale now.. SELLING AT ONLY S$25!!!!

wonder if yishun northpoint have anot.. wor =X

Next stop.. See you!

Next Stop: Heat Metal


Gosh.. Im starting to do my newest project!

Heat – MEtal is my new project!

Previously , Cyclone Joker and Fang Joker were done..

Both are having a new coat of gold on them now..

Fang Joker were kinda… you know…

The color scheme not matching actually.

So till the next stop

Snapit! , SD Majesty Gundam!


Hello people once again , i going to upload updates

during the last month and january

i’ve been busying with a few gundam for modification.

This includes , Shoshoko Gerbera , Cyclone Joker , Fang Joker and this Majesty Gundam!

Awesome!  Quite doing some moves on my New job , Heat Metal

using Red chrome sazabi , quite easy though..

No more talk get into real things!



BB Senshi Sangokuden Majesty Gundam!


The Headder! , the Chest! Totally !


The headder , those shiny things! Made from glitter!


Awesome Sword! Black in the inner parts , Gold on the dragon!

Effect part , too! , Coloured the effect part of the dragon to give a perfect resolution!

Alright , here all the things that the majesty had!

Next stop : Her Majesty Gundam!

Glitter might help do some parts!

Glitter just do everything they want!

Just look at this images!

it totally unbelievable!


See the center part! almost a little bit invisible..


For this a bit visible , look at the part that was glued together with the sword


Maybe you can make it dry and then make it into a spare part?!

Gosh ! Look at those Gundams!




Hello everybody!

Updating on my diorama for this few day.

Use gliter.. and paint and paint..

Lesser paint now.

Need new one.. Anyhow here some picture to show!

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Today was a damm crazy day for us , the AV people..

Totally complicating..

Just by one people..

10Pm now , no worries for tomorrow , since it just camp..

I think 4 people not going or 5.

May BE  lots of them not going..

Anyhow the whole situation was like this..

8am , Jeremy work at backstage.
Desmond , Ivan , Jasper work at control room
But dunno why anna and ting yi want to sit at the gallery.
Didnt did duty.
Desmond ran up and down to get something done.
Saw Jeremy , he said no batteries for stand-by mic.
Went down to G.O.
to get some batteries.
no batteries.
desmond ran up again to get the walkie Talkie’s batteries.
ok done

8.50 – 9.20..
Nothing happened

Ivan and Jasper , work at back stages.
desmond and Jeremy work at control room
as usual , anna and Ting yi sitted there at the gallery again
Trainer/Facilator dunno how unmute
Desmond Ran down again
while Jeremy tryied using channel 9 to communicate with
Ivan and Jasper
No reply.
12.40pm – 2.30pm

Everyone upstair at the gallery, no one at backstage
As usual , Anna Ting Yi , sitted there again
Ivan , Jasper , Jeremy and desmond in the control room
Anna and Ting Yi shud be at the backstage,
Intruders came into the control room
Anna and Ting yi went in
Total people , 10+
Mr Seah Came up scold us..
Then he said just go against the duty rosters..
Tuesday Duty Roster

Duty – Ivan , Diane , Xiao Bin , Jasper
Caretaker – Michelle , Anna , Jeremy
Back up – Duncan , Desmond
we just go against.. but quite complicated..
Ting yi and Anna had an attitude face and walk
off and ran back to class.
So since caretaker need 2 people , i go do the duty
as caretaker lor
Jeremy and Desmond then work at backstage
Ivan and jasper stayed at control room

Desmond found one of the mic was gone , which was
channel 8.
Jeremy and Desmond began to search for it..
Then went up to Control room to see it there is
power on for channel 8

went in , then found out the
trainer took it. she was just standing outside the control room
wanted to take it from her.
Conincidence or Sabotage.
Mr Seah Came up while we were leaving the control room
He tell us that 2 people is enough, and he want it to be 2 people

then Jeremy buai song , he say , you also not media club
then Mr seah call us get out of the control room..
then we went out lor..
dunno what they talking about..
then after that , Mr seah came up and ask Ivan jasper desmond
something. , Desmond explain to him , told him the limit in
control room is four since he heard it from michelle

Then desmond tell him , they just came up to check on
a missing mic wherether if it is stolen or missing.

Then Jeremy gang hao get out of the control room
then he just went off..
Mr seah shout at him..
1st time.. 10%
2nd … 30%
3rd… 50%
4th….  100%

Damm loud…
Jeremy walk back.
Mr Seah shout at him again
Actually i thinked Mr seah want him to explain only.
I thinked he just thinking , he might have misunderstand him

then we talked talked..
then he “dismissed” us then we went back to control room
then he and Jeremy Kena talk talk again
Then end liao lor..
Keep everything.. then
Jalan Jalan Go home

*this is report for my senior…*

Tomorrow tio scolding liao..

Lucky no come..  Haha!

This was like totally , look like kinda jealousy case la..

So..  pissed off..